Reddit tells us what we can and can’t upvote now?

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Reddit’s CEO must address this.

Reddit’s CEO held an AMA today in the announcements subreddit.

He announced that “users who consistently upvote policy-breaking content within quarantined communities will receive automated warnings, followed by further consequences like a temporary or permanent suspension”.

took a neutral stance, because Reddit’s CEO did admit that we as moderators act in good faith.

One of the stipulations given to us with our quarantine is that we must change the way our users (and trolls) vote on content. This is impossible, because we cannot see who votes on what. This could have been an acceptable step to better guiding users to not vote on content that Reddit, Inc. deems violence. (which changes just about every day, for what it’s worth)

The first batch of warnings has gone out, and they include no links to the violating content.

We can therefore conclude that this is another bad faith move by Reddit, Inc. to get away with banning our users for doing nothing wrong (voting on content doesn’t violate any rules), while not allowing them to learn what got them banned.

Not informing users of what they did wrong is one of Reddit, Inc.’s longest running tactics of punishing users but not letting them correct their behavior.

It appears that tens of thousands of warnings may have already been sent out. That’s strike one, next do you all get suspended?

/u/spez must immediately address this.




h/t Skeeter_N_CO


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