Reddit’s Chinese controllers have started shadow banning people

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by SC2sam

About a week ago there was that video showing the genocide and holocaust going on in China which was posted numerous times to /r/videos but was constantly removed under obviously bullshit reasons. Well apparently reddit has begun silencing through shadow bans anyone who posted that video, posted comments in support of posting the video, criticized /r/videos corrupt mods, etc…. This is obviously because China is in control of Reddit at this point and they do not want anyone to know about the mass killings that is going on right now at this moment. Anyone who speaks out about it is getting erased and massive swaths of people are being silenced permanently. This is such an attack on the concept of free speech that it’s just insane.

At this moment i’m unaware of how many this is effecting or how many subs it’s being pushed through but i’m assuming it’s all major/default subs.

I also noticed over the past year that my as well as all the other mods that I mod with in the various subs, had our voting capability turned off or at least limited in some way shape or form. I realized it was happening because I would vote than refresh the page and notice that my vote did not register. It shows that I voted but the number would not change.

It would only work if I voted, refreshed the page, unvoted, refreshed the page, than revoted and refreshed the page. After that my vote would finally show up. I have a feeling this is happening to a massive number of people who have been voting on things this entire time but never realizing that their vote was completely ignored.

You should see if this is happening to you right now as well. Just comment/post than open that comment/post up in incognito mode and see if it even shows up. You should also see if your vote is registering in the way I described above. Don’t let yourself be ignored. Don’t let the narrative be controlled in this manner.



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