Relax! – Look at the numbers from Denmark…11 days lockdown, 6% ICU capacity, low fatality rate. There is NO Corona-epidemic in Denmark

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While media-pushed FEAR has put a majority of us into a state of panic – I urge you to take a look at the situation in Denmark. Our society has more or less been closed down for 11 days, but the numbers we get from the authorities on a daily basis (released every day at noon) – shows that there is no development that resembles an epidemic situation (!).

We are currently only using 6% of our normal ICU capacity, most wards are empty. There is no fast-paced spread of Corona – and if there where before the lockdown we should have seen it in the numbers by now.

To be clear: There is nothing in the numbers that indicate an epidemic situation. There is nothing in the numbers indicating that this is more lethal than many other infections. Only very few die of Corona.

Almost all diseased in Denmark (as of now 32 of 5,8 million, i.e 0,00055%) had severe co-morbidities, were older and some of them where even terminally ill. That is why our press keeps reporting that “Breaking: xx people have died with Corona” (not from Corona) …. they love doing this, knowing very well that its scaring and intimidating the less-critical reader (such as young and older people…that we should protect, not scare to depression and anxiety…FU MSM).

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The way authorities are counting fatalities is counter-intuitive, illogical and highly misleading: “Every person that is diseased with a positive Corona test is a Corona fatality”.

Do take a look for yourself at Denmark and our numbers, google is your friend.

Relax, breathe, inform.




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