Remember Fukushima?

by pinecarr

And then there’s the 3rd E, the Environment. This article is from a mailing list I am on for (with Arnie and Maggie Gundersen, who did, and continue to do, in-depth coverage of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster).

Fairewinds Nuclear Spring Series: TEPCO Aims for Cheap & Quick Fukushima Waste Dump in Pacific” @

“By Arnie Gundersen

In this eighth installment of our Nuclear Spring Series, I wanted to discuss and dispel some myths about the recent headlines concerning the release of more than 1,000,000 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima Dai-ichi. This decision, according to the New York Times, was approved last week by the government of Japan. Claiming that these discharges would be harmless, Japan’s government said that Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) had no other alternative but to dump highly toxic water into the Pacific.

So, here we go again, just as TEPCO and the Japanese government tried to claim that everything was fine after Fukushima and contended for weeks that there was no meltdown, they are at it again. Now, Japan’s government has teamed up with TEPCO once more, covering up the consequences of the extraordinary amounts of radioactivity they plan to unleash upon the world.

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No matter what TEPCO and Japan claim,  dumping more than one million tons of radioactive liquid into the Pacific is one more death knell to the ocean, to its aquatic life, and to other countries where it will end up.

Such an approach is a blatant disregard for all life on our small and interconnected Planet Earth. And a move like this also sets a legal precedent that will open the door to allow countries worldwide to decimate the international environment; however, they wish with no limits to whom they hurt or how.”


“Oh, by the way, we wanted to put 1,000,000 tons into perspective.

The math: one million tons is two billion pounds. This truck carries 5,000 gallons, or about 40,000 pounds of water. 2B/40,000= 50,000 truckloads”



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