Remember, lots of RINOs are suddenly going to be talking tough against Biden and the Democrats. Don’t believe their lies. These RINOs know that it’s easy to talk tough now that they can’t actually do anything.

by heyyoudvd

It’s like that guy in a bar who wants to talk tough and threaten a much bigger, stronger guy, so he does the whole “Hold me back!” routine, where he gets a buddy to hold him back from actually attacking the big guy. You get to talk tough and pretend you would kick the guy’s ass, but you only can’t because your buddy is holding you back.

That’s the GOP right now.

They’re going to be putting on a show for voters to try to give themselves conservative street cred, but in reality, most of them are full of shit. If they didn’t put their money where their mouth is when their party was actually in power, then whatever they say now is meaningless.

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Remember how John McCain spent literally years constantly attacking and campaigning against ObamaCare but then the second he had the chance to actually do something about it, he didn’t?

That’s what we’re about to witness on a massive scale.

A whole bunch of RINOs are going to talk tough to try to avoid being primaried in 2022. Don’t believe them. If they didn’t stand with Trump for election integrity in 2020, then toss them all on their asses in 2022.




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