Remember that politicians aren’t stupid, they are brilliant. It’s deliberate sabotage though, not dumb mistakes.

It’s amazing there are still folks out there who can’t get their heads around the communist tyrannical New World Order. There are people still astounded by news organizations that ignore important events or politicians who work to strip your freedoms.
It’s been in the works for over 100 years. Nothing new under the sun and it’s beyond perfectly documented. Arguably the agenda has been at work for 10,000 years.
All the mass shootings, gay agenda, multi-racial breeding, cause of divorce, war, pedophiliism, Democrats, marxists, socialists, liberals, political correctness, train derailments, airlines crashing, never ending laws, stock market manipulation, abusive cops, mass immigration, porn, degradation of music, violence on tv, weather chaos, high taxation, etc… etc… etc…
All of these things, plus a whole lot more shit filth and terrorism, all originate, 100% originate from the same exact source.
There are armies of bitches who do their evil bidding like the cia, fbi, blackwater, and other clandestine mercenary groups, all bow down to their supreme master. And no it is not the pope. Although the pope is one of their bitches.
The NWO is an amalgamation of the agenda of a few central bank owners, old mobs, and business cartels, working in unison. We know who they are, where they live, and who their families are. We monitor every move they make.
HOWEVER! On many occasions even Rothschilds have publically stated that they have to ask the supreme boss. The unseen master they rarely talk about. Hillary has said the same.
But that doesn’t make them innocent. They are still willing soldiers of this unseen power. And enemy soldiers should be dealt with like enemy soldiers.
Imagine a world where every sheep became a lethal warrior. The scum would be surrounded.
Those of you still expressing surprise at the agenda only serve to hold the rest of us back. Conduct your due dilligance a day get up to speed quickly. Time is short.


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