Remember When ISIS Was Sawing Off Heads During the Obama Administration?? Yeah… Russia Has Destroyed Nearly All of the Brennan/Obama/CIA Terrorist Army

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via voat:

More than 200 ISIS militants WIPED OUT in precision Russian air strike in Syria

Russia’s FSB wipes out ISIS sleeper cell near Moscow

Brave Russian soldier wipes out band of ISIS fighters after calling in airstrikes on himself after being surrounded by jihadists


Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out Israeli U.S ISIS Army In Raqqa, Syria: U.S. ISIS Leader Killed

This article from 2014 tries to explain just how difficult it will be for the US to eliminate ISIS, in the most complicated terms.

Turns out it actually doesn’t take much time when you correctly apply to two most powerful militaries in the world, and give them a mission to destroy the enemy. Trump getting zero credit from the (((MSM))), after all, he DEFUNDED the CIA program that was feeding ISIS.

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