Remember when that covid app mysteriously appeared on your phone – they’re going to use it on you permission or not!

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  • System is designed to work in conjunction with, not replace, any existing apps
  • Notifications will be sent to people who may have contracted the virus 
  • Anonymous Bluetooth communication between Android and iOS will determine proximity and likelihood of transmission 

Apple and Google will automatically send notifications to some user’s phones if they have come into contact with a person infected with the coronavirus.

The system is an expanded version of the Apple and Google partnership which led to a specialised coronavirus tracking app framework, launched in May.

The update will not require health authorities to build their own app, and it is hoped this simplified version will encourage uptake of track and trace protocols.

Users will need to authorise the system on their phone as it will be ‘off’ by default and can be flicked on or off at the user’s discretion.

But for those who do activate the system, it will allow iOS and Android phones to communicate via anonymous Bluetooth signals to determine who may be infected.

If a person receives a positive diagnosis they will be contacted by their local health authority and given a unique PIN which, when clicked or inserted into an app, will register the positive result.

This will then trigger the notifications which will be sent out to people who that individual may have infected.

Public Health Authorities will have to authorise the system before it goes live in a specific region, and the tech giants say it is designed to work in conjunction with, not replace, existing track and trace Apps.


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