Sorry, Folks. The Show is Over. We’re Discovering The Truth About The Virus….Masks Will Be a Thing of The Past Soon Enough…

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by Dr. Calhoun

So, here we are, over 5 months later and the US Coronavirus death tally sits at 185K+ deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins counter. This is the data source that virtually everyone has fixated on for months (and continues to fixate on).

Following the CDC’s recent findings that only 6% of the 185K+ deaths were directly caused by Covid-19, there’s been the expected flurry of news articles and statements from health authorities jumping at the bit to dismiss these findings. They’re certainly attempting to keep the throttle on full fear, despite the emergence of increasingly conflicting data. They do this by resorting to ambiguous explanations and outright dubious statements as a means to distort and manipulate the public’s perception of reality. Let me explain what I mean, as it specifically relates to this new data on Covid-19.

Here’s a quote from a physician named Amit Kaura, who’s cited within a recent article with an obvious agenda to keep the fear level on overdrive:

“I don’t think people should look at this as only 6 percent of people died of COVID-19 — 6 percent of those people that died only had COVID-19 listed as a cause of death,” Kaura said. “COVID-19 was involved in 100 percent of those mortalities.”

That’s quite a claim, especially considering the fact that Dr. Kaura failed to elaborate on the specifics of how the virus was “involved” in 100% of those deaths. Was Dr. Kaura personally “involved” with the care for the 185K+ people who have died? Obviously not. So one really has to question why Dr Kaura would make such a careless statement. In order to fully understand why Dr Kaura’s statement is unbelievably asinine, we first need to dig into a few details regarding how we’ve actually been testing for the virus and counting “positive” cases, since the virus’s inception.

The gold standard being used to count positive cases is called a PCR test. (Polymerase chain reaction). It detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment. In laymen’s terms, the PCR test detects extremely tiny, near non-existent levels of the virus. This means that if someone is tested as “positive”, in no way does a positive result indicate that the person is contagious or will ever be contagious. What the public needs to understand, is that the PCR test does not determine or measure the amount of virus or the “viral load” a person has. It’s simply is designed to detect the absolute smallest amounts of it. In fact, studies have already shown that 90% of people diagnosed as “positive” with Coronavirus are not even carrying enough of it to infect anyone else. This should have been made public ages ago, yet Governors across the US have insisted on using these positive cases as justifiable reasons to destroy businesses and their state’s economy.

Another equally important fact, is that the PCR test also does not differentiate or determine the cause of a death in a person. If a hospitalized patient dies of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other unrelated health issues, but happens to have had a positive test prior to their passing, in no way does it mean that there was ever enough of the virus in their system that actually “exacerbated” any of their existing health conditions. Despite this fact, hospitals and health care professionals are being instructed to carry out the CDC’s unprecedented policy to count EVERY patient death as a Covid death (or a “Covid complication” death) merely on the basis that a patient tested positive (or was presumed to be positive) at some point in time prior to their death. Essentially what this means, is that the CDC is literally counting deaths “twice” on the federal level. For example, if an individual dies of a stroke, but also happened to have been tested as “positive” for the virus, their death is tallied as both a Covid death AND a stroke death, even though the death certificate on a local level states that the stroke was the primary cause of their demise. The end result? The CDC can now state that there are a massive surplus or an excessive number of deaths this year, that are a “direct” result of the the virus. This is an entirely new level of data manipulation, dishonesty, and fear mongering.

People often tend to underestimate the amount of non-virus deaths that occur, every year in the world. Below are the top ten causes of death in the US in an average (non-coronavirus) year:

– 700K people due from heart disease
– 600K people die from cancer
– 160K people die from COPD
– 160K people die from accidents
– 140K people die from Stroke
– 116K people die from Alzheimer’s
– 80k people die from diabetes
– 50K people die from Kidney disease
– 45K people die from Suicide
– 40K people die from Influenza

There are obviously many other causes of death other than the examples above, however, in total there approx 2.6 million people who die every year in the US alone. To put this into perspective, that figure amounts to approximately 5 people dying every 60 seconds in America. To recap, the CDC has recently (albeit quietly) announced that from the Coronavirus’s current death toll of 185K people, Covid-19 was determined to be the direct cause of death in only 6% of those deaths. This means that less than 12K people have tragically died as a direct result of having contracted the virus. These particular patients no doubt suffered greatly and likely exhibited very severe ARDS-like symptoms and features (including the now famous “ground-glass opacity” finding in the scans of their lungs) However, it should also be noted that such findings in scans are often nonspecific and can occur with a variety of infectious and noninfectious processes. So what do we really know about the remaining 173K people who have died thus far this year, other than they didn’t necessarily die directly from Covid-19? Well, we know (according to the CDC) that they had an average of 2.6 serious, pre-existing conditions, and that they were either tested “positive” before their death or they were a “presumed case”. A presumed case basically means they had a test that came back positive on a local level but was never confirmed. Considering the fact that there have been many different reports of false positives on a local level, having a “positive test” isn’t very useful information, particularly when that person isn’t showing any symptoms of the virus. As bizarre as it may sound, in Tanzania, even a goat and a piece of fruit came back positive for the virus. Yes, that actually happened.

It should also be noted that every year, otherwise healthy people with no known pre-existing health conditions, tragically die of the Flu. Strangely, despite these tragic and unexpected deaths occurring every Flu season, few have ever been reported on by the main stream media. Given the fact that approximately 30K to 60K people die each year from Influenza, ask yourself whether the CDC has ever implemented such an unprecedented presumptive cases policy during a Flu season? Even more, have health care facilities ever routinely given ANY kind of viral PCR test to every heart attack, kidney failure or car accident patient? So, then why are we doing this now with virtually every hospitalized patient? Given the facts on how PCR tests work and their incapability of determining the spread of the virus or whether someone is likely to die from the virus, perhaps people will finally come to realize that there is indeed a nefarious agenda at play. Perhaps the crazy idea that corruption does in fact exist, will no longer be just a fantasy for fringe thinking conspiracy theorists. The good news (if there is any), is that new data is continuing to emerge — data that will likely validate any skepticism and criticism regarding the Government’s response to this virus.




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