Remember when the US government, Universities, Climate Scientists, New York Times and WaPo said we were about to go through an ice age in the 70’s that could end the world? Good times.

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by smurfin101

In 1971, Washington Post publishes an article that says “US scientists see new Ice Age coming” – Source

In 1972, Brown university sent a letter to Nixon saying that were in a “global cooling” stage and warned that it could cause the end of the world – Source

In 1973, The White House claims that the “global cooling” is causing extreme weather – Source

In 1974, New York Time publishes an article that says “Climate Change endangers Worlds Food Output” – Source

In 1974, The CIA released a report that said “Climate Change would bring global unrest” – Source

A couple years after that, they changed it to global warming instead. Then it turned into just “climate change” because the warming data didn’t fit their narrative.

Glacier National Park removes signs warning that all its glaciers would melt by 2020



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