A million may have been infected in December 2019

by Tuhawaiki

This is really kinda worrying. I started trawling through Xinhua’s online reports of the Chinese health authorities’ numbers on infectious diseases. They seem to have released these numbers periodically through the previous few years. Although I couldn’t get records for all months, I managed to stitch together the graph below from the information available. Sorry about the patchy timeline, but I’m sure you can see what’s going on.

Anyway, the numbers are pretty chilling.

Basically, the average number of cases of unspecified infectious diseases has averaged around 800,000 per month for the eleven months I was able to get data for. January 2017 had only 482,000 reported cases. In contrast, July 2019 had 943,000 cases.

But this December had an incredible 1.71 million reported cases of infectious disease in Mainland China (bear in mind that it was on the 31st of that month that China alerted the WHO of a viral pneumonia epidemic). That is nearly a million more cases of infectious disease than the average, and a million more than each of the last two Decembers (699,000 and 712,000).

Numbers of dead are also available in the links. But these numbers don’t appear to change much (they float around the 2000 mark, although December 2019 sees them rise to 2600). If you can find any more of these releases, we may be able to fill in the gaps and see what’s really happening.















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