REMINDER: Active Recall Petitions in Minnesota, Michigan – Coming Soon in California – Do your part to remove these governors who are abusing their power

by uvontheterrible

These are real recall petitions going through the proper channels to recall the governors in these states.

Don’t confuse these with online petitions you may have signed which will not lead to an actual recall.

Please sign the petitions (if you live in the relevant state), volunteer, donate, and most of all, * SPREAD THE WORD *.


Minnesota Recall Page

The Process Has Begun To Recall Governor Walz From Office


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Michigan Recall Page

Board OKs Whitmer recall petition language; signature gathering to start July 1


California Recall Page

The California recall has not been approved yet. Stay tuned.


Oregon Recall Page

Oregon Republicans launch second recall of ‘disastrous’ Democratic Gov. Kate Brown




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