Reminder: In 2015, the WWF and Center for American Progress created an Event 201 or Operation Lockstep Style Simulation for a Global “Food Chain crisis” Titled Food Chain Reaction.

by Chris Black

If the COVID simulations (Event 201 and Operation Lockstep) are anything to go by, then it would be pretty safe to assume that globalists are planning a worldwide Neo-Holodomor.

 Old dogs, new tricks.

See this article Great Reset = Neo-Holodomor?  for more info.

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Reminder that this manufactured food shortage “crisis” is part of the Great Reset, which is set to end in 2030 (in alignment with Agenda 2030). They’re just getting started with this bullshit.

The vision presented by the WEF & co is eerily similar to that of 19th/20th century Leftists, especially the Fabian Socialists (see H. G. Wells’ book The New World Order, for example).

It seems pretty obvious to me that globalists want to transition the Western economic system away from so-called “Neo-Liberal Capitalism” and into some sort of ChiCom-style Socialist technocracy.

“The only unbeliveable part is how clean, sterile and futuristic everything is”


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