Renewable Energy Costs Cripple European Business

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by Natura Naturans


Date: 19/02/19 Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor
EU 28 household electricity prices are now more than double those in the G20, while industrial electricity prices are now nearly 50% higher.
The third release of the EU Commission’s periodic study of global electricity and gas prices for the first time compares the EU 28 with the whole of the G20 for the period 2008 to 2016. EU 28 household electricity prices are now more than double those in the G20, while industrial electricity prices are now nearly 50% higher. The only G20 states with higher industrial electricity prices are those with heavy commitments to renewables.

Jim Ratcliffe, the remarkable entrepreneur who has taken neglected elements of Britain’s chemical’s sector, once regarded as a “sunset industry”, and produced Ineos, a vigorous multi-billion pound operation that has made him the UK’s richest man, has just passed authoritative sentence on the European Union’s general economic policy in an open letter of the 11 February to Mr Juncker the Commission President:

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“Nobody but nobody in my business seriously invests in Europe. […] Europe is no longer competitive. It has the world’s most expensive energy and labour laws that are uninviting for employers.”…-policies/


Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’

When the world’s richest entrepreneur says wind and solar will never work, it’s probably time to listen.

Bill Gates made a fortune applying common sense to the untapped market of home computing. The meme has it that IBM’s CEO believed there was only a market for five computers in the entire world. Gates thought otherwise. Building a better system than any of his rivals and shrewdly working the marketplace, resulted in hundreds of millions hooked on PCs, Windows and Office. This is a man that knows a thing or two about systems and a lot about what it takes to satisfy the market.

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Sad to see the UK, Germany, Denmark, and Spain cutting their own throats. But the elite in those countries are getting paid by the wind farm scammers to subsidize their business’s. Lord Deban in the UK is a prime example, taking 600,000 Euros for advocating wind farms:

Tory peer in £600,000 conflict of interest: Climate Change chief John Gummer faces calls to quit over payments from ‘green businesses’ to his family firm where daughter he famously fed a beef burger during the height of the BSE crisis is a director…esses.html


Look, the proof is in the electricity price. You can’t hide the fact that the countries with the highest electricity prices have the most wind and solar. THAT fact is shown by this chart:

[Image: sa-highest-power-costs-table.png?w=460&h=659]…ord-power/


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