‘Rent For Sex’: Landlords Exploit Hundreds Of Thousands Of Broke Millennials

by stockboardasset
It is now time to sound the alarm bells on the economic prospects for the Millennial Generation in the Western world, but more importantly, in the United Kingdom. This generation of citizens aged 18 to 36, is the first in modern developed economies on course to have a lower standard of living than their parents.
Housing affordability and a decaying job environment are some of the most pressing issues affecting Millennials. The future is bleak for this avocado and toast generation, as Western world economies have likely plateaued regarding economic growth. Surging debt and rising government bond yields are producing an environment that could lead to more hardships for this lost generation.
Landlords in the United Kingdom have taken full advantage of broke Millennials by offering “adult arrangements” for a roof over their heads. Yes, you heard this correctly, Millennials are trading sex for a place to sleep — unearthed in a new documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which provides a chilling insight into just how bad the Millennial generation has it.

BBC reporter Ellie Flynn went undercover to expose the scale of the ‘Rent For Sex’ issue in the United Kingdom, in which landlords on Craigslist are advertising “free” accommodation in exchange for sexual acts.

Ellie portrayed herself as a broke, 24-year-old nursing student with very little alternatives. She confronted one man in a Newcastle cafe who defended his actions and told cameras: “I’m not doing anything wrong… it’s not just about sex, it’s about companionship.

“BBC Three’s Ellie Undercover: Rent For Sex also met up with a landlord who had built a log cabin in his garden where tenants could sleep if the agreed to have sex in return for a ‘physical arrangement once a week,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The man offers to show Ellie around after saying: ‘That’s where you sleep, it’s a log cabin, alright,” the Daily Mail reported.

He later denied knowing the practice of asking for sex in exchange for housing is a serious offense in the United Kingdom, saying: “I don’t know, I can’t truthfully answer that .”
One landlord put Ellie in touch with a former tenant who told of “how he tried touching her while she was staying rent-free with him,” said the Daily Mail.
“I would just feel almost paralyzed every time he tried to touch me but he didn’t force himself on me,” said the unnamed woman.

The woman added: “The idea of consent gets mashed up because a woman thinks this is the exchange I have to give this man in order for me to have a roof over my head.”
In fact, the number of listings on Craigslist and social media websites offering rent for sex is exploding. Latest figures from the Housing Charity Shelter are absolutely mind-numbing, more than 250,000 women over the last five years have been asked for “adult arrangements” in exchange for housing.
UK Millennials lack a living wage, therefore, this generation sees nothing wrong in offering their bodies to landlords for a roof over their heads. Apparently, the smartest generation to ever step foot on planet earth is the first generation since the 1950s to fail to do better than their parents, as this chart shows:

The homeownership rate for UK Millennials is so low that these levels have not been seen since World War I:

According to the Office for National Statistics, millennials have largely been priced out of the real estate market as prices soar above 2008 levels.

Over the same period of rising real estate prices, UK Millennials have dealt with stagnating wages:

Real estate price increases and low personal savings rate for U.K. Millennials have been mostly fueled by low-interest rates, set by the Bank of England (BoE). Some ten years ago, the BoE decided to juice the economy by suppressing UK lending rates to a zero lower bound with cheap money after the 2008 crisis:

“In our society, it seems acceptable for people to wield their power over the vulnerable in order to get what they want, no questions asked,” explains Ellen Moran of Acorn, a tenants union and anti-poverty group.
“That power is entrenched and such actions are ignored by law enforcers. Sometimes, though, this happens because people are alienated in their society to such an extent that they crave physical affection without knowing considerate ways to get it. Sometimes it is a mixture of those two things,” she added.
Unfortunately, the ‘Rent For Sex’ issue in the United Kingdom will only get worse as the economic prospects continue to deteriorate for the Millennial generation. There is no end in sight for this madness, and it will only be a matter of time before this trend washes up on the shores of the United States. It seems as failed Central Bank policy has given landlords one new perk to owning real estate: sex with millennials.

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56 thoughts on “‘Rent For Sex’: Landlords Exploit Hundreds Of Thousands Of Broke Millennials”

  1. Millennials are also the majority of the SJW’s. The same people that want to let everyone else across all borders that can’t pay for rent either. What’s happening to them sounds like Social Justice. Or karma. Take your pick.

  2. It took the BBC well over 2 years to get around to cover this disgusting and disturbing trend. The reporter examined the plight of poverty-stricken women who sleep with landlords. But earlier reports in the media also showed that there are many young gay men willing to sleep with gay landlords (or property owners with spare rooms). Rent for Sex has been around for a while – but it seems to be getting more widespread. And, as the programme showed, it is illegal in the UK.

    • Its not just in the UK, young people in the US are doing the same thing, young women trading sexual favors in exchange for financial support. There are even web sites where people can advertise that they are looking for a “Sugar Daddy” or even a “Sugar Mommy”. The Western world is just getting more perverted and sick with each passing day.

    • You either have a valuable resource that is NEEDED, or you do not…Its is called REAL economy. All moralistic opinions aside, it is SURVIVAL being expressed in this modern society. You either adapt or suffer and die. Morality means NOTHING when you are starving and homeless.

  3. And this is news? So millennials are preforming services once a week for a roof over their head for free while they scrooge a bad boy loser for free the rest of the week? How about the ole fashion way and find someone and make a go of it as a couple? That’s the way it’s supposed to be, Including marriage!

      • What do you think? Do you feel sorry for these people who use sex for free housing? Are they bein used? Or are they usin their assets to git over and not git another job if necessary and do the right thing?

        • I figure if the landlord, homeowner, etc is willing to house them for “free” then the landlord is doing society a service…. housing in some cities is extremely expensive…..and if some dude wants to get laid….then more power to him….. he’s going to rue the day he ever let Suzie or Billy live with him….but that’s another story!!!!! In the meantime it gets someone who would otherwise possibly be homeless off the streets. I’m not all for this arrangement…but times change and you do what you have to do to survive there Mac.

          • Good point. I was also thinkin the landlord most likely would git more headaches than pleasure out of this arrangement! I wonder how he gits them evicted sayin that the rentor did Not perform that week/month as agreed. LOL!

          • If he was smart he’d have them sign something saying they will leave if he serves notice to them…..otherwise that will result in a non paying tenant FOREVER!!! and no sex…..oh dear….

          • You’re now just catching on? Sex for rent is a great idea in itself….but in the real world where most of those homeless and sex starved landlords do not live is NOT REALITY…..I guess we’ll see a sudden uptick in murders then….probably the only way to rid yourself of an unwanted tenant……!!!

          • Ya, I caught on about 12 years ago and clearly see that THEY have been workin at and almost achieved their goal of removing G-d from the people and destroyin the family. These people should be married and havin a family which supports them and JOBs to support themselves and which pay enough to do so.
            50 years ago when I was a teenager, most woman got married right after HS. A man took care of his wife. If he didn’t he’d git a visit from Uncle Geno and his cousin Paddy. They would put a good hurtin on em up to the point he could go to work on Monday in pain. I can’t remember when I heard of that happenin last.
            Same thing with the wife. She was the rock of the family and the glue. The ole man did what he had to to keep her in line. If he went over the line, Geno and Paddy would be vistin him again. If it was too severe, he went for a ride and nobody seen him again!
            Terribly barbaric, but keep society together. Even Joe Stalin got his nickname, Uncle Joe, because he rolled back the Bolsheviks program of dismantling the family and havin the state raise the kids. All they ended up was a generation of savages till STALIN reintroduced the family.

          • In Russia it is STILL acceptable to bash around your wife. Recently they decrim’d domestic violence and made it a misdemeanor if you bash around your wife but didn’t kill her.

          • I bet you a whole lot of dudes git a visit from the father in law and their cousins with baseball bats when the need arises! No LOL!
            The trouble is that it is always impossible to git a good balance between real abuse and BS. Seriously, not to make slight of real abuse, but most likely 25% of domestic abuses the police are called to should be handled by the partners if they were true adults!
            Now we got people losin their jobs because Exs are sayin they were emotionally and mentally abused. My ole lady has been mentally abusing me for 42 years. LOL!

          • My daughter’s Babies daddy just ran off with another female. Glad to see him gone. Just knocked up his third chick. I guarantee you if he ever beat my daughter to the point of swollen black eyes or broken bones, it would have been real ugly. My son and I would have definitely paid him a visit!
            Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for him, my daughter is meaner and a better fighter than him so he most likely caught the worst of it. She gave up on males and is stickin to dogs now. LOL!

          • Dogs are loving, caring and very loyal…..provided you do not beat them….. and show them LOVE…..they will be your best friend and companion till their end……. I’ve had two dogs die of old age in my arms!!! I just had to be with them at the end and am glad I was there for them.

          • Good choice — same thing here the other way round. Nothing but disappointment from human females (“umm… you might BE good, but you don’t LOOK good… the other guy may have a history of beating his girlfriends, but he LOOKS GREAT! Go away!”, “but you SNORE! Go away!”, “But you’re not tall enough, go away!”, …), sticking to dogs now and never looking back.
            Dogs are great, and I’d much rather be around them than some 99.99999% of humanity.

          • Da Grass is always greener on da other side of da fence, but it most likely got dog dirt in it too. LOL!
            Just thought up the second half. Not bad for only half a functioning brain cell!

          • Lenin and Trotsky had only 3 or 4 million Russians murdered. Uncle Joe got at least 30 Million killed. Chairman Mao got at least 60 million of his own countrymen, far exceeding even Genghis Kahn and his Mongolian horde.. AND the Chinese Peoples Party is STILL in power and we are at their mercy!

          • Remember, Progressives morph into Socialist who turn into Communist and then THEY crack Millions of Eggs for Satan! Satan delights when G-ds creatures, us, are murdered. The more innocent, the better!

          • We are blessed to have been born in the USA. This country has been protected and blessed by G-d. We have turned our back on HIM and are following Satan. It didn’t work out well for the ancient Israelis, nor will it work out well for us!

          • The Israelis worshiped the golden calf….they STILL WORSHIP GOLD!!! Nothing has changed in how many years for them? They’ve only gotten greedier!!!

          • Unfortunately most of humanity can’t git past their greed. Look at the Lib high tech Billionaires. They got Billions but continue to screw us all instead of hiring Americans and lowering prices.
            Jesus supposedly said the LOVE of money is a sin. Thankfully, I have more than enough money commin in combined with a very simple farm life style that I am set for life and even try to spread around my excess cash helpin those who are less blessed helpin themselves.
            I got enough splainin to do to St Peter without adding the Love of Money.

          • Did you happen to read the article and dig down deep? It mentions the fact that MILLENIALS ARE JUST FUCKING BROKE! Don’t tell me I don’t work hard for what I don’t have, old man, because I bust my ass everyday at 6 am just to have some bread crumbs and peanut shells for dinner.

          • Thanks for da Love Bro. Even back in da day most people had to work. I worked da still mills with OT, Army Reserve and went to school half time and took care of a family. Once the Globalist Scum destroyed the Steel Industry I went back into the Army and did numerous Combat Tours and deployments. Nothin was handed to me. Last I read the military is still lookin for good Men/Women and Transgenders. You fit da bill?
            We usually had two or three people splitin da rent and utilities also. No one wanted to live in their parents basements. Peace Out and love back at ya Bro. LOL!

    • I thought the old fashioned way was find someone, get married THEN have a go at it as a couple. Living under the same roof unmarried is immoralololololol

    • EXACTLY my thoughts. I live in Man Diego – about 8 guys per 1 girl, yet the girls STILL pick the biggest douchebags, and yet it still never fails to get a comment of ; “What the hell is she doing with HIM!?”
      I’ve often wanted to ask girls if they’re mad at their parents so date the biggest loser they can find to ‘get them back’.
      At least they’re bangin’ someone who went out and made something of themselves, AND the girls aren’t giving it away for free – or – as in MANY cases here in my town – the girls even PAY FOR THESE GUYS THEY DATE!!
      It’s truly a ‘WTF?’ scene.

      • I’m 65. I’d say about 5% of the girls back in da day liked loser bad boys. Now it must be well over 50%. Totally crazy. No wonder society is collapsing. All part of da Globalist Satanic NWO Scumbags plan!

    • Snoflakes and feminist will scream about their freedom and muh feewings…Ok, pick one, your freedom and feewings or food and shelter. one matters and one does not. Choose wisely and quit your petulant whining.

  4. If this is the cure for homeless women or men….so be it!!!! At least the homeowner gets laid once in awhile…..!!! Wonder if this applies to giggolos, too?

  5. This is the trailer park version of being a Sugar Daddy. Much like the website seekingarrangement, where college students have their tuition and expenses paid by some rich geezer in exchange for ‘favors’. I imagine some of these girls think if they kiss enough frogs one of them will turn into Richard Gere; but the reality it’s probably more like Danny DeVito. These are symptoms of a morally bankrupt and Nihilist society. The actual problem is the .001% who have siphoned off all of the wealth and capital on the planet, taking gainful employment and our collective future with it. We’re a few small steps from this to outright slavery.

  6. This is the trailer park version of being a Sugar Daddy. Much like the website seekingarrangement, where college students have their tuition and expenses paid by some rich geezer in exchange for ‘favors’. I imagine some of these girls think if they kiss enough frogs one of them will turn into Richard Gere; but the reality it’s probably more like Danny DeVito. These are symptoms of a morally bankrupt and Nihilist society. The actual problem is the .001% who have siphoned off all of the wealth and capital on the planet, taking gainful employment and our collective future with it. We’re a few small steps from this to outright slavery.

  7. US millennials are doing just as bad as UK ones. The idea that British ones are the first to do worse than their parents is news to me, American millennials are in an even worse situation.

  8. Oh I have seen many such ads on CL here in Florida, placed by men who cannot get laid any other way and who have a spare room. This is hardly unique to the UK. I’m quite sure it goes on everywhere. Some of the men don’t let on that’s what it is until you answer their ad, and then they start up with pushing for sex. Disgusting!

  9. i’m a 63 y/o male that can’t seem to find a female, decent looking, with a brain….been married a few times, and they all seem to turn out to be dims….you gotta LIVE with a girl before you find out what you got….just like you don’t know what you bought at the auction, until you get it HOME….but it’s not until the divorce, that you REALLY find out what you married…..if they don’t want to turn into sex slaves, may i suggest, ladies, that you lower your standards just a touch….and GET AN EDUCATION…..and by that i mean get INTO being educated…..some of U.S. men just aint gonna put up with sub-par anymore……you want what i got?….make me WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU……..my last wife married me for my house…..but she dint GET it!……if she hadn’t spent every last dime before she earned it, she would still be here.


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