Rent Is Due Today, But Millions Of Americans Won’t Be Paying

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More than 30 million people have applied for unemployment as of April 30, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are falling behind on their rent and are being evicted, despite new rules designed to stop evictions. Experts say the moratoriums by state and local officials don’t go far enough and are leaving tenants vulnerable.

“My main concern is that I’ll be evicted,” says David Perez. The self-employed father of one sells artisanal wares, like wallets and sandals, at a flea market in Elkridge, Md. “What’s going to happen to my family?”

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Perez hasn’t had any income since the end of February because the flea market closed, and he says that he and his 14-year-old daughter are living off food donated from his church. He has already lost his van because he couldn’t make his monthly payments.

Some people have gone all out with airbnb, buying lots of properties and counting on renters to make the mortgage and service payments, sounds like a lot of people went overboard and will lose their shirts

People who own Airbnb properties are filing bankruptcies at a record pace.




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