Reopening is a 100% Chance of Failure

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by chuck_portis

Folks, the conservative states in the US are trying to restart the economies quicker than any other country facing a COVID outbreak has done prior. On top of that, they are doing so with less tools and abilities than other countries. It has no chance of succeeding, and I will explain why.

New outbreak in Harbin China:

Say what you want about China, they are the undisputed gods of contact tracing. The government presses one button and can see any other person (and their social score) that you’ve interacted with over X amount of days. However, even with their level of tracing, one single infection (who tested NEGATIVE 4 times AND was quarantined 14 days), started a long chain of community transmission.

The city now has roadblocks and some are calling it Wuhan 2.0. How did this happen? Despite masks, mandatory quarantines, contact tracing, this still resulted in a brand new outbreak.

Faulty Testing Equipment at Home:

The nucleic acid tests in China failed to detect a case in Harbin’s patient 0 on 4 attempts. And that’s with the tests working as expected. Turns out, the tests in the US are being used incorrectly and providing even less accurate results.

Contact Tracing / Enforced Quarantines DO NOT EXIST IN USA: No link, common sense

The US has extremely limited capacity to perform contact tracing. Wuhan had 10,000+ full time workers purely devoted to contact tracing. No state has anything comparable, especially states like Georgia and Texas. Also there’s no such thing as mandatory, government-enforced quarantines. So peeps are definitely sneaking out to grab McDick’s and dodge the GrubHub delivery fee.

Long story short the US will fail miserably on a reopening and set the entire country back from the attempt. Morale will dwindle as it becomes clear that this virus cannot be contained without a massive coordinated effort, and even then there will be setbacks (see Harbin, see Germany, etc.).


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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