Rep: Bill Gates Must Testify On Farmland Purchases

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House Agriculture Committee member Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., raised questions over billionaire Bill Gates’ 270,000-plus acre purchases of farmland on “The Ingraham Angle.”

REP. DUSTY JOHNSON: He may say that it sounds pretty amazing — it sounds pretty disgusting to me. We can let the free market work. Maybe he’s got a product that will end up being great. I kind of doubt it will ever be great American beef. But the problem is that he doesn’t just want to serve the marketplace, he wants to oppose values. Yes, Bill Gates has said that no American should be eating red meat. In fact, he’s said that in developed countries, nobody should be eating beef unless it’s grown in a laboratory. He has an interest in imposing those kinds of values and the fact that he’s snapping up all of this land makes me curious what in the world he’s going to do with it and is it related to that mission that he’s got?

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