Rep. Cawthorn is getting divorced after only 8 months, is his wife a Russian spy?

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So creepy Madison Cawthorn is getting a divorce after only 8 months, and then this story gets weirder and weirder, illegal gambling in Russia, a “lying” US military “Army Captain” other potential Russian mob contacts, now the quick divorce, so strange, this needs to be investigated, given the many Russian “honey traps” they are using on these Trump loving idiots, and the idiots at the NRA.

Madison Cawthorn’s strange Russia story — a real concern or just a conspiracy theory?

“Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) did an interview with the Daily Caller ahead of his wedding describing the way that he met his wife after a trip to Stockholm, which ended up with him visiting a casino in Russia.

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According to Cawthorn, the traveling group he was with took a ferry to St. Petersburg to gamble. That’s when he met a new friend, an Army captain from Miami. Arriving back in the U.S., the captain, whose name is “Todd,” lied to Cawthorn to get him to come to a fake Crossfit competition in Miami. When Cawthorn got there, all he found was a girl that “Captain Todd” wanted Cawthorn to meet. She ultimately became Cawthorn’s wife, but the couple announced they’ll divorce after just 8 months together.

There’s no investigation into Cawthorn’s trip or allegations about the “casino” he visited in St. Petersburg. Right now, it’s merely activists asking questions and suspicion. However, the reason that the questions are coming up, is that this isn’t the first politician who has faced questions about whether a close contact could be a foreign asset.

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In 2012, Chinese nationalist Christine Fang approached Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). She had been photographed with several politicians and appeared politically involved. The two hit it off and began dating until the FBI told Swalwell that Fang was suspected of being a Chinese spy. The congressman cut off ties immediately and provided information about Fang to the FBI.


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