Rep. Gowdy Calls Out DOJ for Allegedly Stonewalling FBI Investigation

by Thinker

The only people who don’t want to tell the truth, are people with something to hide, words of past president Obama. Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the investigation into the FBI.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: ‘Really bad facts’ emerging about DOJ, FBI

House Judiciary Committee member talks Deputy AG Rosenstein’s testimony on ‘The Story’, and those who have done so much wrong while in positions of power and trust, they are willing to lie under oath to protect the herd. (secret society) Trey Gowdy has been the angel sent by the Creator to expose the corruption in every department in Washington D. C. It doesn’t matter if your a Democrat, Republican, or Libertaian. If your not living up to the oath sworn to the American people before taking their jobs, then you will be exposed for your wrong doing, if Trey Gowdy has anything to do with it.

Since December of 2017, Trey Gowdy has been trying to do his job and those who fear the truth, have done everything they can to stop him. House Judiciary Committee member talks Deputy AG Rosenstein’s testimony on ‘The Story.’

Obama was the Puppet Put in Place to Smile, Lie, and Have a Good Time While Secret Societies Continued on with the new world order agenda. Obama wasn’t involved in investigation, because that wasn’t what he was supposed to do. Advisors to presidents are the key people to look at when it comes to the history of the United States. Who is really running the country? Trump making changes and the American people are finding out more than they could have every imagined. No wonder Deep State spent decade trying to take the guns from Americans. They knew the truth may come out and those who have committed acts of treason against their own citizens is starting to come out. Do you really think Obama is an American citizen now? More shocking news to come as Team Trump/Gowdy keep pulling the corrupt ones out of the rabbit hole. Those who have spoken out in a negative manner about President Trump, have closets full of secrets every American should look at.

History explains the actions of those who have conspired against the people of the United States all the way back to the murder of the President John F. Kennedy. Trump releases some documents related to Kennedy’s assassination, but not all, as he deems some information as a threat to national security.

What is the instinct of a human when they are being fired upon with a weapon? To duck right? If you were riding in a car an the person next to you was shot, would you duck or climb out of the car? Jackie Kennedy was in a panic to get out of the car that she was riding in when her husband was shot. Many say the second shot was from within the car, and her actions make one believe that statement was true. The death of a president who had signed and executive order to eliminate the Federal Reserve and the CIA, and look where we are today. The executive orders redacted by vice president Johnson as soon as he took Kennedy’s place, which brings us to present day and the organizations with the non-humans, like the one that sat in the front seat of the car. Do you know who it was? The death of one of the greatest men in the United States will never be laid to rest, until justice has truly been served on those who lied and conspired to bring about a new world order for themselves.


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