Rep. Grege Steube (R-Florida) suggests DOJ pursue treason charges against Obama officials involved in Russia probe misconduct

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Steube rebukes the FBI, suggests the DOJ issue treason charges in connection with misconduct related to the Trump-Russia investigation.

He blasted the “politicized, weaponized FBI” intending to “take down a presidential campaign and then an incumbent president once he got sworn in”

The congressman believes the DOJ should be able to pursue charges of lying to Congress—he also said that there should be consequences for “misrepresentations” before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

“We’re not talking about individual agents operating in field offices across the country. We’re talking about the leadership of the FBI operating the FBI in a way that they’re deceiving the FISA Court, that they’re surveilling on American citizens for political purposes. And it completely discredited an agency that was once esteemed throughout law enforcement.”


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