Rep. Toth Says Soldiers Returning From Afghanistan Should Be Used to Help Protect the Border

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Soldiers returning home from Afghanistan could help protect the U.S. border if they’re sent there for rotation periods after they come back to the United States, Texas state Rep. Steve Toth told Newsmax on Monday.

“One of the greatest things that we can do is when our young men and women come back from Iraq and Afghanistan is send them down to the border for two months, send them back home for a month, and then send them back down to the border for two months,” the Republican lawmaker, who represents south Montgomery County, told Newsmax’s “National Report,” explaining that the rotations would take place four times in a year, according to the plan under consideration through the state Legislature.

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“What it will do is, it’ll help us integrate these guys back into … normal life” while it helps them retain their sense of “mission purpose and unit cohesion,” Toth said. “These guys love Texas. They love the United States. And it would be a huge resource for us to be able to put these guys on the border.”

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