Repealing section 203 is not the answer, we need an Internet bill of rights

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by Typoqueen00

I get why they want to do it, because social media is out of control with bias and censorship to the point we have groups wanting to erase the internet archive. But this isn’t the answer. This would mean more censorship…because companies would be liable for posts and content therefore would have reasons to restrict free speech and would do so like crazy.

We instead need a bill of rights. The internet is a wild Wild West as far as stealing data, talking every single thing you do, type and look at and doing whatever they want with your entire online blue print. Censorship and bias is out of control as well. We need laws that protect us and laws that protect free speech. Right now public forums are not supposed to act like publishers and recieve protections, but they are…so I get why people like trump are upset. But it has to be handled another way and that needs to be expressed to him.

McConnel just introduced a 2k check to the people bill but includes changes to 203. (As well as actual investigation into voter fraud)

The intentions are good, but that is not the answer to protecting free speech it would hurt it.




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