Report: Ukraine Says US is Not Doing Enough for Them

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by Chris Black

The selfishness of the Americans is unconscionable.

Don’t they know that the Ukraine is a democracy, fighting for the rules-based order of global values?

I will take a big steaming shit on your $50 billion in three months, Joe Biden. We want more – and we want it right fricking now, old man.


Ukrainian officials are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration’s failure to supply Kiev with US-made long-range multiple launch rocket systems, Politico reported on Wednesday.

According to the article, citing three unnamed officials “familiar with the issue,” even though the Ukrainian government has been soliciting the delivery of the US-made Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) for months now, the White House is apparently still dragging its feet over the potential shipment, concerned it could be construed as a further escalation by the Kremlin.

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A congressional staffer “with knowledge of discussions” held at the US Ramstein Air Base in April told Politico that the “momentum” seen during the talks “seems to have cooled” now, with “frustration building” in Kiev as a result.

An anonymous Biden administration official, in turn, confirmed to Politico that Washington and Kiev were “in active discussion” about the MLRS, noting, however, that not all of the weapons Ukraine was asking for could be delivered quickly.

The unnamed staffer went on to explain that the White House has to “make decisions about what weapons systems provide the biggest bang for the buck.” With this in mind, the Biden administration reportedly decided that “it was more effective and efficient to send the 90 M777 [howitzers] because you can send more of them” for the amount of money allocated, compared to the MLRS.

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