Reporters Demand To Know Why They Have ZERO Access To Border Crisis

Video: Reporters Demand To Know Why They Have ZERO Access To Border Crisis

As the immi­gra­tion cri­sis on the bor­der wors­ens every day, reporters demand­ed Wednes­day to know why they have not been giv­en any access to facil­i­ties hous­ing migrants, and why bor­der offi­cials have effec­tive­ly been placed under a gag order, as report­ed by NBC News.

Dur­ing the White House press brief­ing, Jen Psa­ki was grilled by reporter after reporter on why an admin­is­tra­tion that promised trans­paren­cy is doing the exact opposite.


“It’s now been three weeks since I think in this room, you were first asked about get­ting us some press access. Why [have] we still not [seen] any images inside these facil­i­ties?” one reporter asked.

OF COURSE: Biden blocks press access at border, constructs false narratives.

Related: Biden’s Gag Order on the Border Patrol. “So much for the new era of White House transparency, I suppose. Why are we not seeing more outrage from the Washington Post, the New York Times or CNN? Where are the complaints about the authoritarian muzzling of the media? Even as the major press outlets do manage to mention the situation, shouldn’t they be rebelling against this blackout? Or is criticism of a Democratic administration still verboten to the point where most of them will quietly sit on their hands?” Some questions answer themselves, and this is one of them.

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