Republican Leadership Worse than Worthless

America 2022

– people afraid to walk the streets because of crime
– inflation at a 40-year high due to Democrat policies
– 13 U.S. soldiers blown to bits in Afghanistan
– Afghans fell to their deaths as they held onto the landing gears of aircraft as Joe Biden surrendered
– millions (including terrorists) pouring across our border during a deadly pandemic
– a record number dead in the last 12 months
– North Korea resumes its nuclear program and ballistic missile tests that were suspended under Trump
– China threatening Taiwan and humiliating the United States on U.S. territory
– Fake President, who, when he is not yelling at people or whispering like a psychopath tries to shake hands with people who are not there
– Fake Vice president babbling about yellow school buses

help Republican “leadership” gave to the Democrats

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– Republicans have supported the Democrat push for early voting and mail-in ballots even Jimmy Carter’s commission concluded is ripe for cheating
– Mitch McConnell and ten other Republicans all eager to virtue-signal and show how much they care, agreed to the Democrat framework for gun control
– Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter saying that “we have to stand up and say ‘black lives matter’”
– Mitch McConnell, in public, disparaged many of the Republican senate candidates as “bad candidates.”
– Lindsey Graham, two months before the election, announced his intent to ban all abortions nationwide after 15 weeks

“We had no business being in the hunt to hold the majority in this environment….[we] couldn’t have outperformed history without some help from the GOP.”
Christie Roberts, Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee


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