Republican Loyalist Jack Posobiec Goes Undercover At Lou’s Bar, And Seymour Hersh Audio On Seth Rich Investigation.

by Pamela Williams
I know John Podesta has said he wants everyone just to shut up about the Seth Rich murder and investigation, but when you have videos and audios of evidence that should be examined, one must talk about it.   If not, there would be a cover-up wouldn’t there?
There have been several new developments in the last couple of days.

  1. Prize-winning writer Seymour Hersh has an audio which has surfaced of him talking about the Seth Rich murder and investigation.
  2. Jack Posobiec, a young meaty Republican went to Lou’s Bar, the last place Seth Rich was seen alive, and he did an undercover video.

Both of these events contain significant evidence, which should be used by the FBI in an investigation into the Seth Rich murder.  The DC Police have already had their day in trying to investigate this case.  It is too late for them.  I say this, because believe it or not, and it is in the undercover video at Lou’s Bar, they did not even view the tapes from the bar, nor did they even question Lou.
The above proves they did not even bother to investigate or question the last person who saw Seth Rich alive.  This is either blatant incompetence, or there is a cover-up…one or the other…take your pic.
It was very interesting to hear Capone say he had been to the White House right before Seth was killed.  My instincts tell me this is a weird coincidence, but your may tell you something else.
The Seymour Hersh audio is a mind-blower!  He begins by saying he does not believe Seth was murdered, but he has a friend at the FBI, who read Seth’s file for him.  He told Hersh, Seth did not hack the DNC, he simply lifted some of the juiciest emails and put them in a drop box.  He emailed Wikileaks MacFayden, and he told him what he had.  The part that I have a tough time with is he said, “But I want money.”  He wanted money for the DNC emails.  I did not know Seth, and I do not know Seymour Hersh.  I tend to trust Hersh as he has always been proven to be right.  
You must listen to the Seymour Hersh video:

Here is the Jack Posobiec undercover video at Lou’s Bar, the last place Seth Rich was seen alive.


The thing that is making this so confusing, and if anything has turned it into a conspiracy is the fact the DC POLICE have not done their job in investigating Seth’s murder.
The second fact is that Private Investigator Rod Wheeler was told to “stand down” from the investigation.
The third fact is Shawn Hannity on Fox News was made to stop doing the Seth Rich story with Rod Wheeler.
The fourth fact is while the family has said they want answers, they do not seem to want them at all.
The reason I say this is because Rod Wheeler says Seth’s brother, Aaron works for the US Defense Department.
Wheeler said Aaron would not let Rod see Seth’s laptop or phone,  He called everyone who Rod was going to question and told them not to talk about laptop or emails.
In other words, Aaron himself wants the investigation shut down right now.
I think Aaron knows what happened to Seth, and I think he has Seth’s computer.
The family says they read the beginnings of a letter he was sending to Hillary Clinton accepting her job offer.  My question about this is:
It is reported that Seth was having problems in his office with someone.  Also, it is a fact that Seth was a Bernie supporter.
So why would Hillary Clinton ask him to work for her, and why would he accept?
The article identifying Seth Rich as the Wikileaks source cited a federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report as the main source for the claim, not private detective Rod Wheeler.
The mainstream media is pushing the narrative that the article is debunked because Wheeler has come out and alleged in a lawsuit that he was misquoted in Malia Zimmerman’s Fox piece, which was removed from the Internet without clear reasoning.
But the article, preserved and presented below in its entirety, uses a federal investigator as the primary source for the Wikileaks claim. This matches with statements by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who said in an audiotaped conversation reported on by Big League Politics that an FBI document showed Rich giving “juicy” DNC emails to Wikileaks.
In conclusion, this investigation should be far from over.  I don’t care who finds it uncomfortable.

11 thoughts on “Republican Loyalist Jack Posobiec Goes Undercover At Lou’s Bar, And Seymour Hersh Audio On Seth Rich Investigation.

  1. I don’t think there is any proof that Seth Rich was going to accept a Hillary job offer. I think all there is to go on is 2 sentences in a letter SR had drafted, neither of which say, “I accept.” It cud have been a no thanks letter. Was Hillary’s team trying to buy off SR?

  2. Hard to believe Seth wanted money and even harder to believe he emailed it. Who in this world doesn’t know ALL emails and digital commo is monitored and stored!

    • OK…Mac, I know where you are coming from. Yet, I have always respected Seymour Hersh, and why would he lie? Do you think he has been set up, or he is now a patsy for someone on the “bad” side of town?

      • Practically ever thing we see and hear is a lie, or at least a misrepresentation of reality. Hersh could easily be feed misinformation. I’m still havin a had time coming to grips with there must be NO more people of integrity and honor in the Agency or government who will come forward and speak Truth to Power.
        I served several times under General BeTrayUs and still can’t believe he is a Globalist/Bilderberger NWO operative and his protégée, McMaster is removing and putting in the final operatives to take down our beloved Constitution and turn our Nation into just another 3rd world hole in the NWO.
        Once again, never estimate the power of prayer and hopefully Trump will be real and be touched by G-d to save us from the Satanic Globalist Scum who have been destroying us since Reagan.

  3. The family is probably living in fear. I read elsewhere that soro’s hired an atty. to “speak” for the family… more likely, keep anyone from speaking to them.

    • I am going to research more on this today. I feel Seymour Hersh may have been set up. Something is not right. Seth from my research had no friends to share this with, if he is in fact the leaker. All his friends are solid Democrats and Hillary lovers. Something is not right.

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