What Do You Do When The Blood Is At Your Own Front Door?

by Pamela Williams
You may think this is a strange title for a report, but actually it is meant to be a literal question.  Soon, even if you live in a gated community, or even on your own farm out in the middle of nowhere…you will come to understand what the title means.  Time has speeded up, and dark and opposing forces are trying to “take out” the only President, who has ever had and trusted his own God-given intuition.
President Trump understands that the United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE have been set up by a President, who was planted here to allow the takeover of this Country by the Muslim world and actually those Countries and governments, who had desired to topple America for a very long time.  Other countries seek to become super powers, and they have long awaited for someone like Barack Obama to take over.  When he did he opened the floodgates to all opposing forces of America.
How do you think the Pakistani Awan Brothers penetrated the US government and gained support from all those who work there?  They did this, because Obama opened the door to the White House to Pakistan.  Obama only refused to open his door to Russia.  Ask yourself why he is so against Russia. Why did Muslim Obama appointee, CIA Director John Brennan concoct the “Russian collusion story?” Seymour Hersh says he did in the following video:

At the very end of the video he tells the world how the Russian collusion story started.  I will tell you now John Brennan is one of the most evil men on the planet today.  One thing all these “Deep State” figures have in common, they have lived in the Middle East and hate America and us, the American people.   All these people are deeply embedded with Middle East Countries.  Even Hillary Clinton, she was supported by Saudi Arabia during her campaign.  In fact, most of the money she received came from the Middle East.
Now do not think for one minute when I speak of illegal immigrants, I am speaking about American citizens of foreign origins.  I am not, and you know it.  The most graceful, intelligent, and capable First Lady of the US is an immigrant, beautiful Melania Trump.  However, as she has explained it took her quite awhile to achieve her citizenship, but she did.
President Trump just made an announcement about refusing to have another immigrant in this Country, who could not speak English, or who did not have a skill to offer the work force.  Do you think that is cruel…aww….then don’t worry…he is too late?!  It is too late to save this Country, but I can tell you this, President Trump will go down in history as a President, who did try to save America.
But to all of you, who have worked against him, you have won…I doubt he will survive what you have done to him.  You have not only done this to him, but you have done it to me, too.  You have ruined my Country, but unless you are wealthy and own an island somewhere, you, are very stupid.  If you plan to remain in this Country, the blood will come to your door no matter where you are.
There are two gangs fighting for this Country.  No, I don’t mean the Left and Right…not just them, but we have two gangs you are not hearing very much about, because the media is afraid to report on them. They are worse than ISIS…yes, they are.  Thanks to President Trump and Russia we have almost defeated ISIS.
Now, you might want to look at who is worse than ISIS AND WAS ALLOWED TO CROSS OUR BORDERS BY BARACK OBAMA.  These two opposing gangs will be your worst nightmare if you live here in this Country.  They will penetrate to every neighborhood in this Country.  Mark my words.  Watch the following video.

Now you know a little bit about them. They are called MS-13, who has already carried out massacres here in the US, but now we have their opposing gang known as Barrio 18.
While some trace the gang’s origins as far back as the 1950s, Barrio 18 truly came into being in the 1980s when it broke away from one of California’s oldest Hispanic gangs, Clanton 14.
Barrio 18 originally was composed of Mexican immigrants or people of Mexican descent, but soon began incorporating other Latino nationalities as Los Angeles’ immigrant community diversified.
In the late 1990s, through a series of raids the FBI and local law enforcement were able to arrest a number of Barrio 18’s leaders. These raids were meant to cause the gang’s demise, but the detention of its capos gave Barrio 18 a new base for recruitment: the U.S. prison system.
“Like its better known rival, [MS-13], the Barrio 18 has cells operating from Central America to Canada, including the United States,” the organized-crime investigative nonprofit Insight Crime noted. “With thousands of members across hundreds of kilometers, and interests in a number of different illicit activities, Barrio 18 is one of the more significant emerging criminal threats in the region.”
In the U.S., the tensions between Barrio 18 and MS-13 may not be leaving as long a trail of dead bodies as in Central America, but both gangs have made their presence known in almost every state and major metropolitan region.
Barrio 18 is believed to operate in around 120 cities in 30 states, but has made its presence most felt in its home state of California. Much of the street crime in Los Angeles County is believed to be related to the gang and federal law enforcement said that while street-level drug dealing is Barrio 18’s main income source, the group has been linked to murders, assaults, arson, copyright infringement, extortion, human trafficking, illegal immigration, kidnapping, prostitution, robbery and weapons trafficking.
So as you see these two gangs are worse than ISIS, but President Trump knows this.  He and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been arresting as many of the gang members as they possibly can.  But they both agree in order to protect our Country we do need President Trump’s wall.

President Donald Trump has made the destruction of MS-13 one of the priorities of his administration. A May raid in Los Angeles took out 21 members of the gang’s leadership.  Speaking last week in Long Island, New York — where MS-13 has been connected to more than a dozen murders over the past year — Trump promised that police officers would “liberate their towns.”
I don’t know if most of you know about the murders on Long Island, but groups of school children would go to school and never return home.  Some of them told their parents on the morning of their departure to school they were so afraid.  Then the police would discover their bodies on wooded lots behind the school.
The neighborhood on Long Island has simply been devastated.  In a speech President Trump made he said the following:  MS-13, Trump said, has “transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields.” He said the gang members “stomp on their victims,” “slash at them with machetes,” and stab them with knives. To “every gang member and criminal alien,” Trump threatened, “we will find you, arrest you, we will jail you, and we will deport you.”
This is what I want to hear from my President, and if you research these gangs, you, too, will be thankful to have a President like Trump.  If Obama had not opened our borders, maybe President Trump would not have to make these speeches.  I appreciate the following tweet and the job he and his men and women wearing a badge are doing for this Country.

Now I want to ask you in all honesty, do you think making the arrest of these gang members a priority is a “negative” act that President Trump is taking?  As I was researching for this report, I was absolutely shocked to find most articles think this is a negative thing for Trump to do.  They think his immigration policy is “negative.”  I am going to quote from some publications, who are part of the problem we have here in our Country.  They are working against President Trump, and they want to see him fail and the United States of America to fall.  I try very hard to understand these Liberal views, but I really can’t.
Here is an excerpt from the www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-updates-everything-president-1498169369-htmlstory.html
Trump touts arrests of suspected MS-13 gang members.
It wasn’t immediately clear what inspired the president’s tweet.
In recent weeks, federal authorities have arrested hundreds of suspected MS-13 gang members. Many of those arrested have been identified by the government as immigrants, but it is unclear if they have yet been deported. Any suspected gang members who are U.S. citizens cannot be kicked out of the country.
MY COMMENT:“Trump touts?”  President Trump is simply trying to save lives, and who in their right mind would want any gang member in this Country legally or not to be roaming our streets?
The following excerpt has been taken from www.theatlantic.com/news/archive/2017/07/trump-ms-13/535263/
In El Salvador, political leaders have held emergency meetings to discuss what they will do if the Trump administration follows through with its promise of mass deportations. “Probably we won’t feel the symptoms today or tomorrow or the next week,” San Salvador Mayor Nayib Bukele told The Washington Post in May. “But probably in six months or a year we’ll be feeling the symptoms … ”
If that does happen, it could very well destabilize the country more and lead to increased migration to the United States. Trump, then, will have undermined his own strategy.
MY COMMENT:  I am amazed at how badly people want President Trump fail.  My Sweet Jesus, all he is doing is trying to save this Country.  He is trying to save WE THE PEOPLE.
The last one is the most amazing.  www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/28/trump-slams-ms-13-gang-members-as-animals/
Trump slams MS-13 gang members as “animals.”
Trump used his remarks to push Congress to boost funding for the administration’s immigration crackdown, including the start of construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, 10,000 new ICE agents and 5,000 new Customs and Border Patrol officers. He also urged passage of new laws to increase penalties on immigrants who enter the United States illegally, speed up deportations and penalize “sanctuary cities” that do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts.
The House approved legislation late Thursday that would allocate $1.6 billion to the wall, and administration officials said they will make a major push for that funding in budget deliberations with Congress over the coming months.
Yet immigrant rights advocates said the administration is inflating the dangers of illegal immigration to instill fear in the public as a way to build political support for its stricter policies.
In Trump’s first 100 days in office, ICE arrested 41,318 immigrants, up 37.6 percent over the same period last year. Almost three out of every four of those arrested have criminal records, including gang members and fugitives wanted for murder. But the biggest increase by far is among immigrants with no criminal records.
Also, many members of MS-13 are U.S. citizens and are under 18 years old.
MY COMMENT:  Shouldn’t we just bring Obama back, so all MS-13 gang members will respected and admired as young immigrants down on their luck, who need to be supported by American taxpayers, given phones, and protected by the US government.
Forget those young children on Long Island who lost their lives, just because they dared to attend school on a certain day.  Tell the parents to forget they sent their children off to school afraid, and not to grieve or cry at night.
Tell all the legal American citizens who will suffer in the times to come, because they are targeted by MS-13 or Barrio-18.  Tell all the parents not to worry about their teens being shot by these gang members as a dare, initiation, or for their car keys.
Tell President Trump he is doing the wrong thing when he travels to a devastated neighborhood targeted by these gangs and gives them hope he will clean it up for them.
Afterall, Obama might tell them that, but he never would act.  He would always favor the illegal immigrants over the American citizens.  Yes, Obama would protect MS-13, and he never would call them “animals.”

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14 thoughts on “What Do You Do When The Blood Is At Your Own Front Door?

  1. Excellent, excellent article! A breath of fresh air! Solid truth every American should read before it’s too late!! THANK YOU!

      • Good stuff, well composed. Didn’t know about Barrio, thank you.
        The article below about MS-13 in Long Island, gives a run down on how they operate using the flawed system through the ORR(office of refugee resettlement) and the difficulty ICE has following up on them.
        They threaten people to become sponsors, exploit kids to do the dirty work, then they can bring in more recruits.
        They don’t have to worry because the illegals or fresh citizens with families back in C.A., are too scared to report them or are promised help smuggling more family members, for a price.
        Desperate Parents Pull Children Out of School Over Fears of MS-13 Gang

  2. This might be why President Trump distracted us with his whole Jeff Sessions tirade about Hillary Clinton. Although I was in favor of the “Lock Her Up” chants by his supporters, it is true that over time, the importance of her arrest declined, even among Trump’s most ardent supporters. The President needs to give the media something to talk about and Congress something to do, so he can go about doing what he thinks will save the country. I am a little more optimistic that he will succeed, although in eight years, it isn’t clear we will still be a nation of 50 states. This MS-13 gang arrests will play out and I expect the President to come out on top. That being said, if preserving 50 states is defined as “winning”, then I agree that the President may very well fail with this endeavor. However, that does not mean that what is left of the country will be a crime infested portal of violent drug lords. I am of the opinion that if the coasts want to live like Central Americans, then let them exercise their 10th Amendment right to secede if they *really* think treating US citizens is constitutional and that Trump is acting unconstitutional by putting Americans (here I mean legal immigrants and legal residents as well as those born here) first, then by all means do so and take the criminal organization known as the RNC and DNC with you.

  3. To “every gang member and criminal
    alien,” Trump threatened, “we will find you, arrest you, we will jail
    you, and we will deport you.” This statement by Trump does not reflect the reality of the situation. If he had said “we will kill you and ship your dead decapitated bodies back to your home country” He might have a good idea. But deporting crap peoples does nothing when half of the ones captured have been deported dozens of time. The only thing that will save this nation is blood.

  4. Donald should go after ALL of the California sanctuary cities and go door to door if necessary in LA to rid this country of this horor. Something drastic needs to be done about this most serious problem bozo foiste upon the USA. We need to abolish ALL sanctuary cities all over this country as well. No libturds are going to push us around with their looney PC baloney any more…..not with Donald in charge!!!!

  5. Good article. However I don’t recall you writing about General McMasters and his removal of ALL Trump’s anti-Globalist and anti-Islamist he placed in the NSC. It appears McMaster is about to isolate Trump from anyone who wishes to fight Islamic Terrorism and supports the Constitution and Israel. McMasters is the Brennan of this Administration.

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