Republicans Introduce the Heartbeat Bill to Overturn Roe vs. Wade

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by Amna El Tawil
Republican congressmen seek support for the federal heartbeat bill arguing that it would eliminate abortion in the United States. Despite the fact that it is highly unlikely the bill will pass Congress it is a clear indicator how a party, who’s in majority, feels about abortion.
Steve King, a congressman from Iowa, said: “We think this bill properly applied does eliminate a large, large share of abortions – 90% or better – of the abortions in America.”
King was the one who introduced the bill earlier this month but held his press conference yesterday, only a few days after millions of women marched to oppose abortion laws. The press conference also has a symbolic meaning as it occurred in the week that marks the 44th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 supreme court decision to legalize abortion nationwide.
Congressman from Iowa said he hopes the bill will get to the supreme court and overturn Roe vs. Wade which he calls unconstitutional. As you already know, Donald Trump made it perfectly clear he will appoint pro-life justice during his presidency.
King also said that: “It is a profound religious and moral understanding that every human person has the right to life. The question that has hung before the courts, since 1973 is: ‘When does life begin?’–we all know when that is. We stand here and assert that it has to be a distinctive moment. You can’t guess a thing called viability. You can’t say 22 weeks versus 20 weeks. You have to say it is at a specific instant. The most precise instant that we can describe and that we can identify by science is the moment that that heartbeat begins.”
He also added that those who break the law could spend five years in prison.


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8 thoughts on “Republicans Introduce the Heartbeat Bill to Overturn Roe vs. Wade

  1. True gender equality starts with the recognition of a father’s right to his unborn child.
    Women have absolute control over what goes into her vagina.
    The second there is life, the father engages rights, as does the unborn child. Don’t argue with me what constitutes life, because as an FDNY EMT and Paramedic I’ve had numerous verified life saves, and even a little medal. I saw life and death, suffering and disease. Don’t lecture me. You have NO IDEA how precarious life actually is.
    If a man is compelled to pay for a child for up to 21 years (one class in college in NY he has to pay), guess what, a woman can be compelled to give birth, sitting around for 9 months.
    My unborn child, my choice, too. There is absolutely no reason to get pregnant now in the 21st century if you don’t want to, nor use abortion as birth control.
    Sorry but Trump referenced this when the Dow going over 20,000 for the first time happened!


  2. Ah yes, Pro-life, let’s talk to the Iraqi’s about pro-life, for the Syrians, Libyan’s, Panamanians, when introduced to the Phosphorus bombs Haitians, left to starve and given false promises, and the list goes on-n-on, then we can talk about Quality of Life, One out of six U.S. children, who can’t get enough to eat, or proper medical care, or the Millions of U.S. Citizens, who can’t support their families, ah yes, it’s good to be A U.S. Citizen, Hypocrite all the way, especially our wonderful Politicians, who spew words to fill their own pockets, Damn the People, Federal Reserve, NWO, GMO, Vaccines, Internment Camps, Militarized Police, Fake News, Core Math, Safe Rooms, and Dogo the Dog, Yes God Bless America, Land of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEE, LMAO, And above all, to which I do love my Country, it’s called to have free will supported by free speech, agree or not

  3. Thats good, sense 90% are a forum of birth control form irresponsible woman anyway, maybe if it was not so easy to just kill a baby they might think before being so loose.

  4. The elephants in the room:
    No one addresses why a woman uses it as a birth control, it’s just her “right.” Nor is the lack of maturity in supposed adults who practice love making like a competitive sport. Most people have been desensitized to the miracle of sentience from pop culture movies, TV, etc. where hundreds of events murders, rapes, slashings and are viewed as “entertainment.” Pathetic.

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