Russia Passes the Bill Decriminalize Some Forms of Domestic Violence

by Amna El Tawil
The Russian Parliament passed the second reading of a controversial bill to decriminalize some forms of domestic violence. The State Duma voted 385-2-1 to eliminate criminal liability for battery on family members that doesn’t cause bodily harm. The bill that makes battery on a family member punishable by a fine or a 15-day day arrest has yet to be approved in the third reading. From the Duma, it would proceed to the upper house, largely a rubber-stamp body, and then to President Vladimir Putin’s desk.
The bill is based on a Supreme Court ruling to decriminalize battery that doesn’t inflict bodily harm but to retain criminal charges for those accused of battery against family members. Conservative activists objected, arguing it was a threat to parents who might spank their children.
The petition against the ruling has more than 225,000 signatures.

(Photo credit: Screenshot/ petition)
Olga Batalina, one of the bill’s co-authors, rejected allegations that the bill would sow impunity for those who beat up their families. She said: “The Criminal Code still carries criminal responsibility for battery, but now it will be applicable only for repeat offenders. All those who terrorize their family members, who do it repeatedly … will face criminal responsibility.”

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1 thought on “Russia Passes the Bill Decriminalize Some Forms of Domestic Violence”

  1. It’s about smacking the kids. The laws in America, where they spare the kids any corporal punishment have made the mess we are seeing today.
    Russia last year turned around their population loss, to population increase through measures helping women and families make babies. If you were never a parent, watching a 3 year old run into traffic to get a ball, and realize no amount of talking will be effective, guess what? One smack in the ass was. My son still lives today. How about all your abortions? How are they doing?
    At first I thought it was for sharia law compliance, but it’s actually because the feminists/lgbt crowd that have infiltrated the government agencies, as they have here in the US, and they are going after parents inappropriately. Now they will be defanged. Unlike the US, YET. I already see the Family Court employees puckering…maybe there’s hope for us yet.
    God forbid the government goes after the pedophile supplier, the spirit cookers and hotdog and pizza eaters…no, go after parents that are making your future workers, soldiers and scientists. Yeah, Russia is fixing that.


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