Planned Parenthood, in their own words, does not offer prenatal care. Only abortions.

Though Planned Parenthood claims that women depend on them for prenatal care, Live Action investigators had an incredibly hard time finding facilities that offered it—though they found plenty offering abortions. Live Action contacted all 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates where undercover recording is permitted by state law, and only 5 facilities out of 97 said they provided prenatal care.
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Another document shows a list of bonus payments that StemExpress employees received for “specimens.” The list shows bonuses of up to $75 per specimen for hearts, brains and lungs and up to $35 for kidneys, tongues and ears.
StemExpress employees also had access to patients’ private medical records, potentially a violation of HIPPA.
In a letter to HHS, Blackburn wrote:
The Panel’s investigation uncovered a series of business contracts between StemExpress, a tissue procurement business, and several abortion clinics. These contracts included provisions for the payment of fees by StemExpress to the abortion clinic for fetal tissue and maternal blood. StemExpress then resold the fetal tissue and blood to researchers.
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