The Darkness Of The Women's March On DC – I Have To Say This – Plus Women Shine Their Light.

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by Pamela Williams
A sign which appeared at the Women’s March on DC read, “Women are foolish to think they are equal to men. They are far superior.” Women may be superior to men in one way: only they can bring us the future by bearing children…that is the physical act of giving birth. The act of defending birth is the real women’s march (the March for Life), and that will take place this Friday.
However, I want to also stress how important a man’s role is in the birth and life of a child. Without men, there would be no seed to plant into the fertile soil of a woman’s womb. It takes two, but first and foremost it is the duty of a woman to offer her body to the future of her unborn child. There is no more important role of a woman in God’s creation, and if a woman is not connected to God by faith, she will fail to realize that. I know what I just said would have gotten me trashed at the Women’s March on DC, and that is what makes that march so dark.
Women think they have become more powerful in what they think is a man’s world. I don’t see it that way, as all they have done is to mistake their role in Creation. I think women should be respected by men, and more of that is needed within our society. But again, that is a two way street, and both of those streets must be walked with God and faith in His process of planting and planning the life of a child.
Some couples may choose not to have a child, and that choice is to be respected, for they may be placed in this world to prepare a better environment for all children. I am saying point blank: the children are our most precious gift, our miracle, and ours to protect and cherish. In some way, we all must protect and provide for the children of this Earth. In some way, we all must realize we are not random, we are a part of a Divine plan, and we must aide in that plan with our Creator/Source/God…your choice, but make it.
Teach the children they are not random beings, they have Divinity, and they have a right to a life of respect from Mothers and Fathers…hopefully working together hand in hand with God. We are living in a time in which the children are endangered, and we cannot let this happen. Our most important role at this time in the history of humanity is to wipe out the evil disrespect for the right to life…the right of every child conceived and ordained by God.

Trump was certainly blunt about the challenges facing our country, but his address was sweetness and light compared to the truly dark rhetoric of those who demonstrated in Washington the following day. It was billed as the “Women’s March” on Washington, but it featured every kooky cause you ever heard of (and several you probably haven’t).
Speakers at the “Women’s March” were consumed with the grievances of those who think they are oppressed by institutional prejudice. They were obsessed with the rights of illegal immigrants, Black Lives Matter, Muslims, refugees, and unusual sexual preferences.
Abortion was repeatedly celebrated at the march, which was co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood. Most speakers used the euphemism “reproductive rights,” although one speaker, Kierra Johnson, said “I am unapologetically abortion positive.”
A speaker named America Ferrera announced, “As a first-generation American born to Honduran immigrants, it has been a heart wrenching time to be a woman in this country. Our rights have been under attack. Our freedom is on the chopping block for the next four years.” Doesn’t Ms. Ferrera realize how fortunate she is to be a woman born in the United States, instead of Honduras?


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7 thoughts on “The Darkness Of The Women's March On DC – I Have To Say This – Plus Women Shine Their Light.

  1. Men should stop “giving” women ANYTHING. No sex, no resources, no commitments, no marriage vows, no attention..
    Nothing, give them NOTHING AT ALL, especially what the CRAVE..Nothing, the same kind of nothing you would give a stark dry plain of drought laden waste.
    And continue to give nothing to them, until they learn otherwise.
    No baubles, no gems, no money, no recognition save for them being the OTHER HALF of the equation to make a baby.

      • Your right, my kids fully appreciate that I put NO ONE before them, especially after their own mother put money before them.

      • After giving them nothing, let them MAKE their own lives without any other hands or hand outs. Their attitude will change real fast. that’s the purest form of EQUALITY they can get. Too bad they also wont be mercilessly hounded and criminalized and marginalized like the modern male is in this gynocentric hellhole men let women make for them. then they would know TRUE equality.

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