Republicans Just DISMANTLED Dems With BIG Win! Huge Pic Going Up Everywhere NOW!

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Frank Lea for the Daily Vine reports, Thousands of people are cheering for a new controversial law that recently passed in the state of Arkansas. The bill, called ACT 911, comes at the dismay of numerous liberal groups and individuals and will face pushback for what it allows to be displayed in public places.
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2 thoughts on “Republicans Just DISMANTLED Dems With BIG Win! Huge Pic Going Up Everywhere NOW!

  1. It’s about time someone brought back GOD into the schools!!! Enough of the filth, porn and pretend learning that presently goes on in schools….. teaching little kids how to f*ck themselves in the arse or how to be a girl if they are a boy….. and how wonderful the faggot life is…. GOD is what’s needed….

  2. The majority finds it offensive to NOT allow God in schools, song, pledge…
    Why does the minority atheists get to force their religion onto the majority? we live in a Constitutional Republic where the MAJORITY rules, not just who has the loudest mouth. What happened to that?

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