Researching conspiracies on Google is futile, use Duckduckgo

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by thotful_


The amount of censorship on google is just ridiculous at this point. They’ve ‘cleaned up’ so much of the web, that any conspiracy you search will only yield results (at least on the first few pages) that “debunk” or mischaracterize it. When I input the same query into Duckduckgo, I typically get the actual compelling results. It doesn’t work as well for extremely mainstream terms (because sites like Wikipedia and mainstream news outlets like NYT are much better at SEO), but it works really well for more specific terms, people, events, etc. I’m sure most of you know this, but I really want it to become more popular as Google is such a biased source of info that it’s deliberately misleading people

You can also create a custom search engine so that you just type in a few letters before your search to use a different engine.

While we’re on the topic, youtube has been heavily censored for a few years now. Use bitchute



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