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Government Keeps Trying To Censor This Brewery. The Owner Isn’t Having It.

Jim Caruso, CEO of Flying Dog Brewery, calls his business a “First Amendment brewery.” That’s because he keeps going to court to defend beer labels.

It started in 1995, when Colorado’s Liquor Commission objected to the label, “Good Beer, No Shit.”

Bureaucrats told him, “Pull the beer from the market, or we suspend your license,” he says in my new video. That could have put him out of business.

I tell Caruso, “I’m glad we get to say ‘shit’ in this interview, but I can see why the regulators didn’t want the word.”

“Want free speech?” Caruso responds. “You have to respect that in others.”

After four years of litigation, Colorado’s Supreme Court overruled the liquor commission, ruling that “no shit” is free speech.

Read the whole thing.

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By the way, it is good beer. No shit.


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