Retail Industry CRASHING! – Manhattan Faces EPIDEMIC As Markets COLLAPSE

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the fall of the Manhattan retail industry and moreover, the collapse of the global retail industry as the everything bubble bursts.
Just Broadway alone in New York City has 188 vacancies which points to a far greater problem. That we are seeing vast quantities of big box stores as well as small businesses go under as markets hit all time highs on Wall Street due to vast money printing. All the while, dollar stores and online retailers are rising as people are looking to save more money as purchasing power diminishes, debt climbs and recession looms.
The fact is, we’ve been in a papered over recession for more than ten years now. We are now entering into the greatest financial collapse in history and while that should concern everyone, it CAN indeed be avoided.

Tim explains many of the problems and provides many of the solutions.



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