Retired New York Times science editor chastises mainstream media for propagating “sustained Chinese propaganda”

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Nicholas Wade, a retired science editor for The New York Times, published an article the other day blasting the mainstream media for ignoring, then denying, evidence suggesting that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) came from a laboratory in China.

Rather than doing actual investigative research, many reporters have simply been churning out “sustained Chinese propaganda,” Wade wrote, lamenting the fact that real journalism is now all but dead throughout the West.

After looking into the situation himself, Wade concluded that the Chinese Virus was more than likely “leaked” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which received funding from Anthony Fauci to conduct illegal gain of function research on coronaviruses.

Most the corporate media scoffed at this notion a year ago, but some news outlets are now changing their tune, as is Fauci himself, about the possibility that the Wuhan Flu is an artificial creation rather than an “evolution” of nature.

The World Health Organization (WHO) still says it is “extremely unlikely” that the Chinese Virus originated in a lab, but many, including Wade, are exposing this as a farce. The White House is also now calling for an investigation into the matter to supposedly get to the bottom of it.

“I think we see a sustained Chinese propaganda effort at work,” Wade told Mark Levin on Life, Liberty & Levin.

“But, you know, more than that, it was just the blindness, if I could put it that way, of our media ¬– we’re too polarized to see scientific issues for their own sake without putting a political gloss on them.”

Because Trump said the Chinese Virus came from a lab, his haters will never believe that it did

While nobody can yet say for sure where the Chinese Virus came from, it is clear that it did not just occur naturally in bat soup as the mainstream media has long claimed.

According to Wade, the evidence leans towards it coming from a laboratory, where it was deliberately altered to become some kind of bioweapon. The media just failed, or refused, to even consider this angle for most of the past year.

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Now that the Times and a few other corporate news outlets are suddenly veering towards the lab origin theory, they are facing the same censorship that the rest of us are from Big Tech.

The reason for all this confusion seems to center around the media’s hatred of Donald Trump, who was among the first to suggest that the Wuhan Flu originated in a lab. The left simply could not accept this proposition coming from him, even though Fauci is now in agreement.

Just like with almost everything else associated with the plandemic, the lab origin theory is hotly contested along political lines, science be damned. One side says China made the virus in a lab while the other says nature made it in a wet market. And some — in both groups — will never be convinced to switch sides no matter what evidence is presented.

“The media wouldn’t investigate because it would make Trump look good,” one commenter at the DailyMail Online wrote, illustrating this point. “The MSM knew there was evidence but decided to ignore it.”

“MSM is just spin,” wrote another. “They only investigate things that suit their narrative and silence or ridicule those who don’t conform or have alternative ideas.”

Many others offered up similar views about how the media routinely contorts the facts – or hides them – to push a certain narrative or agenda. This has been the case for many decades as most major media outlets are owned and controlled by the same people.

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