Revealed: Democrats hiding $50,000/year journalist tax credit in “infrastructure” bill

WASHINGTON, DC- In a development which should surprise no one, House Democrats are seeking to reward the mainstream media for their assistance over the past several years by including a $50,000 per year tax break hidden deep inside the ridiculously named $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” plan, the Washington Times reports.

The discovery has Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) accusing Democrats of “media collusion.”

Johnson stated, and rightfully so that the tax credit buried in the bill would in essence create an “improper relationship” between the federal government and the mainstream media, a relationship which Johnson says could be exploited for the purpose of spreading propaganda.

“Not only is this proposal a grotesque waste of taxpayer money,” Johnson said, “it would be a dangerous precedent of government collusion with the media. Biden’s collusion with the press has already caused enough damage to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”

The interesting fact is that former President Donald Trump was impeached for “collusion” with Russia, which ended up being nothing but a hoax, but Biden and the Democrats colluded last year with the mainstream media and tech tyrants to sway last year’s presidential election.

The House Ways and Means Committee’s Democrats included the tax credit as part of the mammoth 881-page proposal which will fully fund Biden’s grotesque, bloated spending spree.

Under the proposal, so-called “local news” outlets would receive a quarterly tax credit, “equal to 40%” of a journalist’s wages up to a cap of $12,500 per quarter, or $50,000 per year. The bill isn’t exactly a priority for taxpayers:

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That proposal would take place in the first year, with subsequent years “dropping” to 30% of a journalist’s wages per quarter.

The plan is to let the tax credit expire after five years unless Congress decides to renew it, however as we have learned over the years once Congress passes a handout it’s reluctant to pull it back. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the credit would set taxpayers back over $1.3 billion through 2031.

Republicans slammed the proposal, saying that it is basically a giveaway to the “mainstream news media,” which strongly favors Democrats and takes great pleasure in excoriating Republicans.

“Freedom of the press does not contemplate government funding of it,” Johnson said.

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