Rich San Fran progressives pissed about homeless encampment by their condos

complain about cops not coming when you call – dude defund ’em that will fix it.
homeless guy pisses in garage, stinks like urine
maybe if they vaccinated these addicts that would help.
Or they could vote for a loser lib president

Residents of a San Francisco condo building where units sell for $1million say they’re living in fear after an adjoining alleyway became the city’s biggest homeless encampment.

The massive tent city – occupied by a feces-hurling man and an assortment of other untoward characters – is paces away from The Artani, an eight-story Van Ness Avenue complex where residents say they’re being spooked by a growing number of vagrant neighbors.

Condo resident Amber Lusko said the encampment, exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, has drawn rats, thieves, and mentally unstable adults who are turning their neighborhood into a state of bedlam.

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‘It’s pretty consistently nerve-wracking,’ Lutsko told KPIX 5. ‘This just seems to be a safe space for chop shops, drug trafficking.’


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