Right now you can cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership with no penalty. It’s because of the towels.

by HaitianRoulette

I just learned that 24hour has stopped providing towels. I found this petty and insulting and spoke to the membership staff about. Canceling. They said that they are waiving the penalties for ending the contract because this constitutes a “loss of amenity “. Might be a good opportunity for anyone wanting to cancel for any reason.

EDIT: I’m so glad y’all are interested in this discussion. It’s fun to participate. I have some responses to common themes in this thread:

  • There’s a reason I thought to post in this sub. Regardless of the fairness of this policy or choices about exercising, there’s many people who would like to cut the monthly expense of a gym membership but either can’t or don’t because of the cancelation fees. I found an opportunity to get out of that. Whether people cancel because of lack of motivation to exercise, or because they recently lost their job and need to go into austerity mode, they might be glad to know this.
  • Regarding the discussion of exercise and lifestyle, I find the HomeGym stuff the most appealing. When I imagine the best version of myself, it is with a kick ass home gym that I use to the max. I think this is the ideal scenario. All of the reasons people give for not pursuing a home gym: cost, motivation and the public/social aspect also have a lot of merit.
  • Furthermore, I haven’t cancelled. I asked the questions and received this answer without equivocation. Then I thought to spread word of this work-around. I probably won’t cancel and continue to hope and strive for better fitness habits and gym attendance.
  • I was annoyed. Calling it “insulting” is a description of the nature of my annoyance and may be an overstatement. I do think this is an obvious example of corporate corner-cutting, but I probably got more worked up than necessary.
  • That being said, 24 is definitely McGym and it’s totally fair to criticize them for stuff like this. Y’all are right, local, privately owned gyms are way cooler and actually give a damn about their members. Though they often cost more, which is direct result of the fact that a higher percentage of their members actually attend, which is a direct result of the fact that they actually give a damn about their members.

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