Rishi Sunak was appointed by the globalists, he WASN’T elected. Here is proof of what is about to come with this guy in charge.

by RabbiTest

Rishi Sunak to “rewire” global finance to Net Zero

This means no more cash. The climate change story is here to push the implementation of this Digital Currency that will make our lives supposedly easier, greener, and stop inflation.

Infosys is the company of Narayana Murthy father in law of Rishi Sunak.

Here is what they are up to

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Here he is with Klaus Schwab


Digital ID’s, Digital Currency, Digital Vaccination Certifications, its all coming. We are been bought and sold to billionaires. There is no way out of this. The sooner we realise that this is what is coming the better we prepare. Only way I see out of this is either going off grid and start building communities to produce food, or somehow we beat them in their own game.


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