Rising Anti-Amazon sentiment in reddit?

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by seexo

I’ve been an active user since 4 years ago and to be fair this last month I have seen an increase in posts criticizing Amazon or with Anti-Amazon sentiment.

I’m by no means a shill, I’m just seeing a pattern here, there has been mixed comments, some defending amazon and others attacking the company, the latter usually get more upvotes.

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Could be because of trump’s comments?

Posting links with more than 10k points and sooner than 4months ago

Amazon bottle peeing issue:

r/worldnews 88.8k points

Following: 53k points

r/technology/ 45.8k points

Drivers, r/worldnews 76.5k points

Others anti-amazon posts

HQ2 Bid war

Taxes-related 38.5k points. (Comments calling out the article)

Transparency 27.7k points

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More warehouse issues 13.3k points

More warehouse issues 20.1k points

Trump related

Most of these posts were from The_Donald and under 10k points They are relevant so I’m going to link them.

Criticizing trump for criticizing amazon

Five tweets against amazon


WP lobbying


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3



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