Rising Consumer Price Inflation is not Going Away

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by Chris Black

Why don’t any of you economics guys ever mention the obscene profit margins of publicly traded retailers?

Is it because it might be attacking your precious stock value?

Is it that you actually believe the margin stated on earnings reports?

Is it that you have absolutely no clue how production, wholesale, and retail buying channels work?

The factories in China might make $1 off a product sold to a US distributor for $5. That US distributor might wholesale the product for $12. The publicly traded retailer puts it on the shelf for $29.99. That is the way the majority of products work. 

The Chinese factory makes $1. The US distributor makes $7. The retailer makes $18. There is something very wrong there because the retailer does absolutely nothing to justify that profit margin. 

By the way, even with cotton prices where they are, that Hanes T-shirt has a manufacturing cost around $.65. They end up selling for $4 a pop in a pack of 3.

Anything, everything to destroy the average citizen is being done by evil and incompetent people in positions of power, as they are all slaves to their Great Reset masters, who are looking to keep humanity as paupers and as slaves to their system of control.

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 Look at their legislative proposals, the vast amounts of money to be spent on social programs that have zero economic return and seek only to enslave people to government dependency. 

In the meantime they set up government funded organizations that act like vampires sucking the money out of the NGOs and enriching the few at the top. 

That’s their solution to their unbridled spending, increasing taxes, which they know will cause more economic hardship and make more people dependent on government in a never ending spiral to the bottom.

 Now their Weimar inflation policy will give them some plausible deniability: it was not our fault, we inherited it. 

The only thing left is for massive civil disobedience, which the American Sheeple will not participate in. 

They believe they have too much to lose so they prefer to huddle in their churches, clutching their guns, counting their ammo and praying while the left eats them alive.

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Starting in Sep. 2019, the Fed started to monetize corporate debt, i.e., giant corporations can now create money out of thin air, just like banks.

 This is why Google and Facebook can do whatever they want, and they want absolute power.

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