The Entire Woke Movement is Cover for Baal Worshippers to Normalize Child Sacrifice and Pedophilia

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by Chris Black

Baal was worshipped by the Semites. Baal was also the enemy of Yahweh, worshipped by the Hebrews. The Hebrews are long gone, replaced by the other semitics who co-opted the Hebrew religion and spread as a cancer throughout the middle east.

Behind the Jewish religion is a secret cult of Baal worshippers seeking to destroy the last vestige of Yahweh, i.e. what became Christianity.

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When they call you anti-Semitic, they are actually referring to your failure to accept Baal and the Satanic death cult. The symbol for Baal is the Bull. Also the symbol for the market the worshippers use to enslave the world.

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Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies (read whites).

All under critical race theory made in Zion.

I don’t know what demographic Lerner is looking at, but Semitic characteristics isn’t what made Sweden (or Europeans) famous.


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