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Markets Are Underestimating Inflation Shock, El-Erian Warns

Jul.09 — Gramercy Funds Chairman Mohamed El-Erian, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, sees some headwinds to global economic growth but adds that they don’t justify the extent of the bond rally. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro on “Bloomberg The Open.” El-Erian’s opinions are his own.

Highest Inflation in History Points to 1987 Redux and Asset Deflation

The danger of a 1987-style asset price deflation calamity is, therefore, high. Note that it wasn’t until the growth rate of MACI slowed slightly that the stock market took fright. With M2 money supply growth slowing quite sharply now, it could be that we are past peak growth in money and credit already.

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Housing Bubble #2: Ready to Pop?

All debt-fueled speculative bubbles pop, even as cheerleaders claim otherwise. The expansion of Housing Bubble #2 is clearly visible in these two charts of house valuations, courtesy of the St. Louis Federal Reserve database (FRED).


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