Road Tested: Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” Beta Is Just Laughably Bad and Potentially Dangerous

A beta version of Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” Autopilot update has begun rolling out to certain users. And man, if you thought “Full Self Driving” was even close to a reality, this video of the system in action will certainly relieve you of that notion. It is perhaps the best comprehensive video at illustrating just how morally dubious, technologically limited, and potentially dangerous Autopilot’s “Full Self Driving” beta program is.

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In a 13-minute video posted to YouTube by user “AI Addict,” we see a Model 3 with FSD Beta 8.2 fumbling its way around Oakland. It appears hapless and utterly confused at all times, never passably imitating a human driver. Early in the video, the front-seat passenger remarks at the car’s correct decision to pass a bunch of double-parked cars rather than waiting behind them—but the moment of praise is cut short when the car parks itself right on the center line while trying to get into a left-turn lane..

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