‘Roads Are Racist’ – Buttigieg Debates CNN On Deconstructing America’s Bigotted Highway System

Not for the first time, Pete Buttigieg is vowing to do something about America’s “racist” interstate highway system. As absurdly silly as it might be for the Biden-tapped US Transportation Secretary to be prioritizing tackling supposedly racist roads, it was perhaps the question itself from a reporter that reached new asinine depths – made all the more laughable given the “seriousness” of the lengthy exchange related to last week’s bipartisan infrastructure bill which passed through Congress.

This was a real question by CNN (who else?) White House correspondent April Ryan during a Monday press briefing… amid Biden admin plans to “deconstruct the racism” built into America’s infrastructure, she asked: can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into roadways?”

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