Rob George: After alleging multiple errors by the WHO, Trump declares we won’t get fooled again.

SO WITH TRUMP VOWING TO CUT OFF FUNDING TO THE W.H.O. over its China-puppet status, Rob George has the perfect tweet:

UPDATE: Related, though less humorous: China’s deadly coronavirus-lie co-conspirator — the World Health Organization.

FINALLY: Trump move to hold China, World Health Organization accountable long overdue.

President Trump is taking the gloves off and finally holding the World Health Organization and China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

He’s been making threats for weeks, and made good on those threats on Tuesday by suspending hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the WHO.

Trump’s move could send ripple effects throughout the world and encourage the U.S. to impose sanctions on China for its role in the spread of the coronavirus. The president could also pull out of the trade deal with China unless the communist nation comes clean on the coronavirus.

But Trump is also bound to face blowback from the usual suspects in the mainstream media and China apologists. WHO supporters will say Trump is hurting the fight against the pandemic at the worst possible time.

No, in fact the timing is right to shine a spotlight on the World Health Organization. Why has the WHO been so friendly with China?

“We’ve had problems with them for years,” Trump said of the WHO. “This should have been done by previous administrations a long time ago.”

The president said he was launching an investigation to determine whether to permanently pull the plug on WHO funding.

CHINA IS TRYING TO USE THE WUHAN CORONAVIRUS TO OBTAIN GLOBAL ADVANTAGE. “The CCP has no only one concern, staying in power. That the CCP even bothers with public diplomacy has everything to do with threatening the world rather than trying to convince anyone of their position. Chinese propaganda is not about winning friends, it’s about letting all know the consequences if the CCP is not happy.”

They’re weaker than they realize. But then, so was the Kaiser, and that ended badly for everyone.

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On the other hand, there’s some evidence that they’re feeling desperate.

UPDATE: Possibly related: Kudlow: ‘Pay The Moving Costs’ Of American Companies Leaving China. “The same day Japan announced that it would spend upwards of $2.2 billion to get its corporations out of China and either back home or spread throughout southeast Asia, White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said the U.S. should ‘pay the moving costs’ of every American company that wants out of China.”


China imposes restrictions on publishing academic research on the origins of the coronavirus. China just joined the U.N. Human Rights Council panel that will choose 17 world monitors on human rights including the U.N. Special


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