Rob Kirby: Global Crisis Unfolding, US Dollar Rejection UNDERWAY & ACCELERATING

Rob Kirby interviewed by Patrick V. on SBTV

Returning SBTV guest, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics, had a though-provoking conversation with us – he questioned the ridiculousness that the US has never had a failed bond auction given the poor fundamentals of the US dollar, even as de-dollarization sentiments are accelerating.

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Discussed in this interview:
02:07 Fed unwinding balance sheet to pre-QE levels is a pipe dream
06:19 Ridiculous that the US has never had a failed bond auction
10:15 US shale oil industry could be soaking up unwanted dollars
12:48 De-dollarization: Foreigners do not want dollars
20:31 Energy independence? US still needs Saudi oil
22:18 Oil is the main sustenance for the US dollar
22:45 The ridiculous paper gold market
26:21 World does not want dollar-denominated debt



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