Robert David Steele: Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner

“The reason Kavanaugh is being taken down is because the deep state, which relies heavily on the democrats is terrified of military tribunals. We are still in a state of war, tehcnically the United States is in a state of war. This is why people should go look at the 3 minute exchange between Lindsay Graham and Kavanaugh. It is legal right now for military tribunals for anyone who is found to be an agent of a foreign power and try them under military tribunals rather than in a US court of law. I think that is the bottom line, Kavanaugh is helping Trump take down the deep state.”

“McCain sold out, he was executed. He was a traitor to the USA. Lindsay Graham is now born again as a republican.”

Robert David Steele

h/t Alluvial